Technical Support or Customer Care Call:
UK: 0330 113 5999
France: +33172774301
Ireland: +35316571040
Poland: +48223009121
Germany: +4962137909017


What kind of phone service can I have at WeWork?
WeWork allow you to order a Vonage business phone system. This is a highly flexible cloud based service which relies on Internet.
What is the cost?
There is a one off charge for each telephone supplied of €105 (standard PolycomVVX310) and a monthly charge of €45 for each telephone extension. The call package includes unlimited calling to German landlines. In addition international calls to over 60 destinations are included. Calls to numbers outside of the calling plan are charged extra.
How long before I receive my phones?
Please allow 4 working days from submitting the online order, in most cases, orders placed before 2pm will be delivered to you in 2 working days.
How can I order?
You will find a link on where you can submit your phone service order:
Is it complicated to set up?
Your phones come pre-provisioned and you simply plug them in via Ethernet connection supplied and your system will be up and working
What phone number(s) do I get?
Each telephone comes with its own direct dial telephone number with an area code appropriate for the building. We also supply as standard, an additional 'Main' number which you may or may not wish to use.
How do I pay for the service?
WeWork bill members directly each month for the phone service. Vonage provide a Memorandum of charges through the WeWork portal which gives a breakdown of charges.
Is it possible to order additional phones if and when I need them?
Yes, simply complete a phone order request for the amount of additional telephones you would like.
Can I make international calls?
Yes, your plan includes international calls to both landlines and mobiles at no additional charge for a large number of countries. To find out what countries are included in your plan, please use the Plan Includes button on the home page of
We would like to set our phone service up in a particular ring order, is this possible?
Yes, we call this the 'Hunt Group'. You can decide what happens when each number or main number is called. This can be altered to suit your requirements as and when they change.
Will I have Voicemail and how does this work?
Yes, you will have a voicemail facility. You can access this from the phone, remotely and have the option to have voicemail to email service too in addition.
Can I bring my own phones?
Our phones are provided provisioned to our platform. We supply the Polycom VVX310 as standard. You can provide your own Polycom VVX310 but other telephones are not supported by our platform and therefore are unable to be used.
Does the system come with any technical support?
Vonage provide a dedicated technical support team for WeWork members. They can be contacted by dialling 611 from your WeWork phone or 0330 113 5999. Alternatively email When speaking to support please tell them which WeWork location you are at, in addition to your company name.
I already have a telephone number that I wish to keep, is this possible?
Yes, you have the option to port in your telephone number to Vonage once you have set up an account. A link to submit a request can be found at This question will be on the telephone order form and should be ticked at time of order.
Is there a user guide available?
The user guide can be viewed and downloaded from
What happens if I leave WeWork?
The phones belong to you, so you have 2 options:
1. Take your phones to your new office and continue with Vonage directly and keep your telephone number along with the service
2. Port your telephone number to a new provider
Does the WeWork phone system have a soft phone option?
Yes, we can provide you with a desktop app; this is €2.00 per month per extension.
Does the WeWork phone system have a smartphone option?
Yes, we can provide you with a smartphone app; this is €1.90 per month per extension
What are the main benefits of using the smartphone app?
The smartphone app allows you to make and receive calls via your smartphone. This gives you the benefit of making calls from your mobile phone whilst displaying your landline number to the recipient and allows you to take advantage of your calling plan remotely.
What does the WeWork telephone plan include?
The plan includes unlimited calls to UK landlines and Mobiles as well as a large number of international landlines and mobile numbers. Full details of countries included can be found at