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Number Port Form

Please complete this form if you want to move one or more phone numbers to Vonage Business Phone System.

Once you have completed the form online you will need to print out the Letter of Authority (LOA) part of the form onto your company headed paper.
It must then be signed by the person in your organisation who is the current communication provider account holder for the number(s).

Important Number Transfer Information

Thank you for your request to transfer your existing telephone number into Vonage. Vonage is able to transfer most numbers. There are some numbers that we are not able to transfer. If we are not able to transfer your number we will inform you of this via e-mail.

Important Information

Please be aware that before submitting your number transfer details below, your Vonage Business Phone System phones must be plugged in, and remain plugged in, and you should have successfully made at least one outbound call and have received a call. Without this we will not be able to accept your request to transfer your number.
The actions you perform to transfer your phone number depends on how your internet service is supplied. Regardless, prior to the transfer, do not cancel your existing service because you will lose the phone number that you want to transfer.
Once you initiate the request, the number transfer process takes a minimum of 10 business days and can be significantly longer.

Other important factors to be aware of include:

  1. The number transfer process takes a minimum of 10 business days from the time you confirm your transfer request and can take significantly longer
  2. We are unable to port numbers with any additional features such as, ISDN, Feature Line, Payphones, DDI and Remote Call Forward.
  3. The number transfer process may be delayed by the following factors
    • Contractual obligations.
    • Features and associated services such as DSL, Transfer Freeze, Distinctive Ring, Ring Master or CENTREX-related features.
    • Pending changes associated with the number being transferred.

Please note: You are responsible for any fees imposed by your current provider associated with your number transfer.

Your data will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which sets out the rights you have in respect of your data.